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It's a shame, but I'm no longer updating this website. Busy setting up new ventures.

I'll leave it up for anyone who's interested.

Thanks to all regular readers, and all the best for the future.

Cheers, PJ

Youth money thoughts

Anyone can learn about money.

Anyone can help anyone else learn.

Making mistakes doesn't mean you're hopeless.

Managing money is a lot about relationships & understanding other people.

Good financial education is not about turning people into more savvy consumers.

Good financial education starts with young people's interests and builds on their strengths.

Inside money

Even the rich need to manage money

Martine McCutcheon filed for bankruptcy yesterday. The Mirror dubbed her the biggest soap star since Mr Matey bubble bath. The Times listed her achievements: “a much-loved soap actress, a chart-topping singer, a highly acclaimed musical star, a bestselling novelist….”martinemccutcheon

She had fame, success and a lot of money. Now she can’t pay her debts. She’s handed her money and property over to the official receiver. She lives on a basic income without luxuries.

Why mention her? Because she, and a fair number of other celebs who acquire fortunes and lose them, are an object lesson for young people. They illustrate the stark, perhaps surprising, truth that you can never have so much money that you don’t have to bother about it.

Some teenagers scorn the idea of money management. Phrases like, “I’m going to be famous” or “When the band gets its break, I won’t need to worry about money” are quite common. Fair enough, you can reply. But fame and success don’t reduce the need to understand and manage money. They increase it.

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