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It's a shame, but I'm no longer updating this website. Busy setting up new ventures.

I'll leave it up for anyone who's interested.

Thanks to all regular readers, and all the best for the future.

Cheers, PJ

Youth money thoughts

Anyone can learn about money.

Anyone can help anyone else learn.

Making mistakes doesn't mean you're hopeless.

Managing money is a lot about relationships & understanding other people.

Good financial education is not about turning people into more savvy consumers.

Good financial education starts with young people's interests and builds on their strengths.

Ideas for action

Money skills that satisfy

Money management training works. It can sound dull. It can be hard to persuade people onto training courses and programmes. But once they’ve had a taste of it, they’re often converted. Here are two videos that capture some of the enthusiasm from participants who’ve grown in skills and confidence.

The first is from a one-day […]

Ideas for action

Who can afford to learn to drive?


Is passing the driving test a realistic possibility for young people? Or an unaffordable dream?

Ask them, and you will get an opinion. That may be a hunch and may be right. But it is not hard to come up with an accurate total estimate. This might challenge some initial assumptions, and perhaps begin a […]

Ideas for action

A dad’s view of teenage spending

What happens if a teenager gets complete control of a monthly budget? There’s a thoughtful and entertaining article relating journalist Chris Wheal and his son’s bold experiment in this morning’s Independent.

‘Money? You’re on your own, Son’ is part knockabout – with endless digs at perceived teenage failings. But it’s packed with sound, practical experiential […]

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Poverty hints for journos

…the skills needed to balance a budget on an inadequate income – when there are no spare resources to cope with unexpected emergencies, such as household repairs, particularly without the benefits of credit cards or a bank account – are rarely considered. Frequently, reports suggest that families in poverty are bad at budgeting. The evidence […]