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It's a shame, but I'm no longer updating this website. Busy setting up new ventures.

I'll leave it up for anyone who's interested.

Thanks to all regular readers, and all the best for the future.

Cheers, PJ

Youth money thoughts

Anyone can learn about money.

Anyone can help anyone else learn.

Making mistakes doesn't mean you're hopeless.

Managing money is a lot about relationships & understanding other people.

Good financial education is not about turning people into more savvy consumers.

Good financial education starts with young people's interests and builds on their strengths.

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Bad reasons for financial education

Here are two bonkers arguments for financial education in schools. The first is from Mark Garnier MP, vice-chair of the all-party parliamentary group for financial education for young people. He told the Financial Times earlier this month, “We need to make sure the next generation are financially literate. Compulsory financial education could avert the next […]

Ideas for action

Campaign for financial education


At school and disappointed by the personal finance education on offer? Campaign for it, using a toolkit produced by other young people. Focused on the skills and approaches to campaigning, Our Money, Our Future has a lot of good sense about building a team, starting from strengths, co-opting an adult champion and setting objectives.


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Compulsion not popular with money savers

Photo: Jarvin

Ed Balls Photo: Jarvin

The e-petition for compulsory financial education never did make much sense. It is not getting any better after promoter Martin Lewis claimed his latest champion. Lewis, founder of bargain-hunters’ website moneysaving expert, says 200 MPs have signed the petition. That’s getting on for a third of all MPs in the […]

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Barclays project launch shoddy


“I would miss a payment on an excisting financial commitment if it meant I caould have what I wanted now”

No evidence of much proofreading in that sentence. Hasn’t been produced with care and attention. Sloppy, you might say. Rushed, and thoughtless.

Which is odd, because it comes from a lavishly-illustrated, high-profile report produced […]